T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system based on standards for module size, track placement, track interface, and electrical connections. The standards allow for a wide range of flexibility in design yet still maintain interoperability with all modules built per the standards. The popularity of T-TRAK is worldwide allowing for modules from all over the world to connect together.

T-TRAK modules are dioramas with sectional track, specifically Kato Unitrack, that snap together to create layouts from a simple circle to large complex layouts. The modules are designed to fit on tables. Layouts are easy to assemble and disassemble. The convenient size of the modules make them easy to store on a shelf or in totes when not in use, or to transport. 


There are a number of N scale modular standards.  A list and description of the major standards can be found here.

The latest set of complete T-TRAK standards are available for download. The standards are also available in Japanese.

Modules and Layouts

Information to get started.  This section included basic module dimensions and some basic layout designs.  More complex modules and layouts are available at  Guide to Everything T-TRAK and more.


Reading the history of T-TRAK helps to understand the reasoning behind the standards.  Trying to keep this up-to-date is a challenge as this is a rapidly growing area of N Scale model railroading.


A complete list of publications is available here.

Newsletters, including all back issues are available to members.

How-to Articles including general N Scale, NTRAK and T-TRAK articles are also available to members.


Paul Musselman's Guide to Everything T-TRAK and morehttp://t-trakhandbook.com

The T-TRAK Wiki - Module photos, construction tips, and more.

Australian T-TRAK website

Facebook T-TRAK Group

National Train Show T-TRAK Layout website

KATO - manufacturer of Unitrack, which is the required interface track for T-TRAK modules and module kits

CMR Products - supplier of module kits and other components used on modules

Masterpiece modules - supplier of module kits and screws to affix Kato track to modules

Osborn Model Kits - supplier of module kits and other N scale items

Red River Models - supplier of module kits, bridges and other N scale items

Digitrax - manufacturer of DCC command stations, controllers, decoders and accessories

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