The purpose of NRail is to promote N Scale model railroading in all forms, all standards wherever N Scale is present.  NRail has been the voice of N Scale model railroading for over 45 years.  Starting as NTRAK, it created the first national modular standard, provided the vehicle for N Scale to grow to the second most popular scale in North America, was the birthplace of T-TRAK and today is the home of N Scale model railroading.  We welcome all N scalers


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    • Monthly ZoomTRAK live broadcasts.
    • Support of the National N Scale layouts at major shows.
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Over the years the organization has created a number of  documents covering most of the N Scale standards for modular railroading.  While the organization promotes all of the standards, involvement by NRail in each standard varies, based on a number of factors. More information including an introduction to each standard is available on our N Scale Modular Standards page.


The organization has been publishing documents for N scalers for well over 40 years. This includes the original NTRAK standards, the T-TRAK standards and more.  With the rise of electronic publishing, many documents are now being offered through Amazon in Kindle format.  A complete list of the documents is available at NRail.org Publications.

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What is NRail?

In 1974, Jim FitzGerald started publishing a newsletter with the intent of establishing communications with the N scale community about new ideas and about N scale.  That newsletter became the NTRAK Newsletter and in 1994, NTRAK became a formal organization with incorporation.  In 2000, T-TRAK was born and introduced through The NTRAK Newsletter which continued to be a communications channel for the N scale community. 

Today, N scale is the second most popular scale in the North America and the Newsletter continues to be a communications channel for N scale.  The purpose of NRail is to promote N scale in all forms, all standards in many different environments at many different displays.

Membership in NRail supports N Scale and provides the communications channel on which N Scalers have come to rely.

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NRail is a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized non-profit.

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