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Free-moN attempts to raise-the-bar for N scale modular railroading by specifying standards for bench work, track and digital control that promotes, and even forces, prototypical appearance and operational characteristics. This document contains standards that must be followed to the letter and recommendations, in italics, that have been gathered from various sources.


These are the goals that the standards presented here are attempting to achieve as they apply to N scale. Each standard set forth below must satisfy at least one of these goals.

The Free-moN standard has the following objectives in mind:

  • To promote and require hi-fidelity prototypical scale model railroading.
  • To ensure reliable track and electrical operation.
  • To encourage visual continuity between modules.
  • To encourage a loose association among individuals free from club memberships, dues and titles.
  • To keep the standard specifications to a minimum without compromising the previous objectives.


The following list summarizes the spirit and benefits of free-moN over existing modular N scale standards:

  • Designed to satisfy the needs of the advanced modeler over the needs of the beginner and general public.
  • Incorporates a comfortable working and viewing height for adults of 50" from the floor.
  • Specifies Code 55 rail for the main with a minimum 22" radius and #6 turnouts.
  • Encourages layouts that are optimized for prototypical look and operations by specifying a single mainline down the middle of the module.
  • Maximizes flexibility for module design and shape by specifying only the end-plate interface and mainline track standards.
  • Simple end-plate specification allows for easy integration into home layouts.
  • Encourages a loose association among individuals free of club or group requirements, membership, dues, etc.
  • Standardized scenery at the end-plates (to merge visually with adjacent modules).
  • DCC/LocoNet/Digitrax control throughout for maximum flexibility.
  • Rolling stock that meets or exceeds NMRA standards for reliability.

These standards allow for module construction that is free form between the end-plates resulting in flexible and adaptable layout configurations to fit any available space.


The Free-moN Community includes all individuals building, owning, operating, or interested in components of Free-moN, and actively engaging or participating with the community in good faith. There are several outlets to engage with the Free-moN community in either a physical, virtual, public or private setting. While some methods may be more active or preferred within the community, no single outlet is or will be endorsed as official. Inquiries are best sent to sources most local to you or a broad selection of groups. Below is a list of the most respected methods for engaging and participating with the Free-moN community as a whole or by region or locale. Many groups have designated a public contact who has volunteered to field inquiries and connect them with the Free-moN Community.

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